"Give a man a fish, feed him
for a day. Teach him to fish,
he'll eat for a lifetime."

Lao Tzu
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In analyzing the problem at Johnson & Johnson, we found it to be twofold.  First, it was evident that the eLearning group was relatively young and there was a need to assist with organizational development, an area where we at LSM Consulting love to add value. To empower this organization to be a sustainable e-Learning group, we implemented standards and high- level processes, and designed templates for training project plans, storyboards and eLearning modules that are still being used today.  In addition, this group needed hands-on help with eLearning development and we were happy to roll up our sleeves and help in that way, as well.

Medidata Solutions Worldwide is a leading vendor of clinical data to the pharmaceutical industry and probably best known for their EDC product, RAVE. When we contracted with Medidata Solutions, they had just recently acquired a consulting firm that had their own training programs. Part of our job was to ensure that these programs were properly re-branded and redesigned to ensure they were up to the standard of quality of the parent organization. In addition, there were no formal training materials, as the users of their application tend to be skilled medical professionals who each have unique concerns for how they will use it and why. As such, we needed to develop a robust training program, including user guides and fully annotated presentation materials that could be adapted by the client as a train-the-trainer program, and customized to their specifications, as needed. Further, we needed to work closely with Medidata’s internal eLearning development department to ensure that the materials we created were both consistent with the eLearning and a complementary part of the overall blended curriculum.

HealthAnswers is a leading provider of training pro- grams for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.  We partnered with HealthAnswers to bid on and successfully design a launch workshop for a major pharmaceutical company, including creative scripts and workshop materials.















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